Consumer Goods & Services

Consumer Goods & Services

Being close to our customers, we develop and provide rich lives.

  • We aim to increase profit by entering different business segments and realize inter-industrial business, in addition to the seizing of new opportunities with and development of existing business.
  • We develop products and services that meet customers' needs with unlimited ideas, and create new value and markets.
  • We propose more competitive mechanisms for trading and the distribution/sales of products to those inside/outside the Group and realize these mechanisms by establishing a sales network leveraged with IT and by strengthening the infrastructure of the distribution system.

Business description

Provision of sales and distribution for those inside/outside the Group by leveraging our capabilities as a trading company.

Our products and services

Beds and bedding (Nikke Shoji Co., Ltd.)

Online sales (Niceday Inc. / Miyako Corporation)

  • Beds and bedding, furniture, and other related goods

Clothing (Nikke Shoji Co., Ltd.)

  • Knitting yarn
  • Made-to-measure fashions (men's and women's made-to-measure fashions)

Wholesales for 100-yen shops (Yuei Trading Co.,Ltd.)

Horse gear and other equestrian goods (Soyo International Corp.)

Container business (Soyo International Corp.)

Attire for ballroom dance (Soyo International Corp.)

  • Attire and other related goods

Ink-related business (Tsukineko Co., Ltd.))

  • Manufacture and sales of products related to ink for office work and industrial use

Stamp-related business (Kodomo no Kao Co., Ltd.)

  • Stamps and stamp-related goods, and stamp-related products and services

Insurance agent business (Nitto Family Co., Ltd.)

Logistics business (Nikke Logistics Co., Ltd.)

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