Industrial Machinery & Materials

Industrial Machinery & Materials

We aim to provide the best customer value by integrating the engineering business and material business.

  • We integrate the engineering business and material business, create a diversified team of human resources for the industrial machinery and materials business, and open up new markets by steadily continuing unique developments so as to maintain our sustainable growth.
  • We aim to provide the best customer value in globalized markets as a solution provider for the production process revolution, which combines the manufacturing control systems we have acquired through fiber manufacturing with mechanics and electronics.
  • We aim to expand our business coverage/scale by making bold efforts for new business leveraging our existing management resources, as well as pursuing measures such as overseas expansion, collaboration, and mergers and acquisitions.

Business description

  • Development, manufacture, and sales of various materials ranging from wool through chemical synthetic fibers, and thread through twine / felt / non-woven fabric
  • Design, manufacture, and sales of industrial machinery
  • Design, installation, and maintenance of environmental/energy systems

Our products and services

Materials for industry

  • Felt / non-woven fabric (filters for air purifiers, home appliances, cushioning for automobiles, acoustic absorption materials, non-woven fabric for OA (office automation) equipment, and felt for musical instruments)
  • Thread/twine (for automobile materials / electrical materials)

Consumer material business

  • Goods for racket sports (tennis and badminton)
  • Fishing line

Industrial FA (factory automation) business

  • Specialized equipment (industrial equipment, electronic and electric measurement instruments, control devices, etc.)

Imaging business

  • 3D imaging devices (Zebra)

Energy business

  • Solar power generation, energy saving, air conditioning, refrigeration equipment, etc.
  • Maintenance support

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