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President's Message

Greetings from the representative director of the Nikke Group

Being a Company That Remains Essential in the Future.

Kazuya Tomita

Kazuya Tomita
President and Chief Executive Officer,
Japan Wool Textile Co., Ltd.
Nikke Group Representative Director

Corporate Overview

Company name (short form) NIKKE
Official company name Japan Wool Textile Co., Ltd.
Date of foundation December 3, 1896
Capital 6,465 (millions of yen)
Numbers of employees 5,077 (consolidated)
515 (non-consolidated) (as of November 30, 2018)
Listed on First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Representative Director Kazuya Tomita
President and Chief executive officer, Japan Wool Textile Co., Ltd.
Nikke Group Representative Director

Officers / Executive Officers

Chairman Mitsuyoshi Satou
President and Chief Executive Officer Kazuya Tomita
Director and Managing Executive Officer Kuniaki Hihara
Director and Managing Executive Officer Shougo Ueno
Director and Managing Executive Officer Yoshirou Kawamura
External Director Kouzou Arao
External Director Shigeo Niwa
External Director Yoshihiro Oonishi
Audit and Supervisory Board member Shuichi Toriyama
Audit and Supervisory Board member Junichi Komiya
External Audit and Supervisory Board member Takeshi Katayama
External Audit and Supervisory Board member Michiko Uehara
Managing Executive Officer Takehiro Okamoto
Executive Officer Masakazu Kimura
Executive Officer Kazuhiro Oohashi
Executive Officer Tetsuo Ishii
Executive Officer Kageo Kusumoto
Executive Officer Yutaka Nagaoka
Executive Officer Yoshiyasu Kaneda

Business Description

Textile & Clothing Materials Development, manufacture, and sales of high-functional materials and products mainly for clothing
Industrial Machinery & Materials Development, manufacture, and sales of various materials ranging from wool through chemical synthetic fibers, and from thread through twine / felt / non-woven fabric
Design, manufacture, and sales of industrial machinery
Human & Future Development Provision of products and services which are community coexistence-oriented and the development of real estate, with a focus on community development
Consumer Goods & Services Provision of sales and distribution for those inside/outside the Group by leveraging our capabilities as a trading company

Major business bases

Osaka Headquarters

3-3-10, Kawaramachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0048, Japan

Kobe Head Office

47, Akashi-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0037, Japan

Tokyo Branch Office

Nikke Tokyo Bldg., 1-2-8 Hatchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0032, Japan

Liaison Offices Sapporo, Sendai, Nagoya, Hiroshima, Fukuoka
Regional Offices Kakogawa (Hyogo Pref.), Chubu (Aichi Pref.)
Mills / Offices Innami (Hyogo Pref.), Gifu (Gifu Pref.), Ichinomiya (Aichi Pref.)
Textile design and creation center Ichinomiya (Aichi Pref.)
Shopping Centers NIKKE PARKTOWN (Hyogo Pref.), NIKKE COLTON PLAZA (Chiba Pref.)
Overseas Offices Milan, Shanghai, Bangkok

Financial Summary

  (Non-consolidated) (Consolidated)
Net sales 32,251 110,538
Operating income 3,860 8,368
Ordinary income 6,640 9,128
Net income 5,101 5,274
Equity ratio 74.6% 61.9%
Ratio of net income to
shareholders’ equity
- 6.0%

(unit: millions of yen)

Network of NIKKE Group

(1) Nakahiro Corp. A
(2) Gosen Co.,Ltd. B
(3) Nikke Audeo Service and Development Co.,Ltd. C
(4) GCC Co.,Ltd.
(5) Nikke Shoji Co.,Ltd. D
(6) Yuei Trading Co.,Ltd. E
(7) Nikke Real Estate Co.,Ltd. F
(8) Soyo International Corp. G
(9) Nitto Family Co.,Ltd.
(10) Akatsuki Shoji Co.,Ltd. H
(11) Satoh Sangyo Co., Ltd. I
(12) Tsukineko Co.,Ltd. J
(13) Niceday Inc. K
(14) Miyako Corp. L
(15) Kodomo no Kao Co.,Ltd.
(16) Nikke Machine Manufacturing Corp. M
(17) Nikke Fabric Co.,Ltd. N
(18) Nikke Textile Co.,Ltd. O
(19) Taisei Wool Textile Co.,Ltd. P
(20) Nikke Okoshi Dyeing Co.,Ltd.
(21) Nikke Logistics Co.,Ltd.
(22) Bisyuu Wool Co.,Ltd.
(23) Nikke Leisure Service Co.,Ltd. Q
(24) Nikke Indoor Tennis Co.,Ltd. R
(25) Nikke Care Service Co.,Ltd. S
(26) Nikke Town Partners Co.,Ltd.
(27) Pamco Inc.
(28) Ambic Co.,Ltd. T
(29) Japan Felt Industry Co.,Ltd.
(30) Sugimoto Textile Inc.
(31) Hokuren Co.,Ltd.
(32) Kanaya Knit Co.,Ltd.
(33) Kyu-tech Co.,Ltd.
Sales of clothing materials/goods and rental of real estate
Manufacture and sales of sporting goods, fishing lines, and industrial materials
Franchise business / children’s amusement facility business
Sales of bedding products / knitting yarn / made-to-measure fashions
Wholesales of sundries for 100-yen shops
Construction and real estate
Manufacture and sales of horse gear and equestrian supplies, and trade agency for such goods
Sales of clothing materials/goods
Same as above
Manufacture and sales of stamp ink
Manufacture and sales of beds and bedding, furniture, and other indoor goods
Manufacture and sales of furniture, interior decoration, daily necessities / miscellaneous goods, etc.
Manufacture and sales of industrial machinery
Sales of knitting wool
Manufacture/processing/sales of thread, fabric, and fiber products
Manufacture of wool fabric
Sports-related business
Same as above
Nursing care business
Manufacture and sales of non-woven fabric and felts

(1) Manufacture of wool fabric
(2) Manufacture of knitting wool

Corporate Profile

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