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Nikke Group’s Corporate Philosophy is “As a corporate group that is gentle and warm toward people and the planet, we will continue to take on challenges with passion and pride.” Based on this philosophy, Nikke and its more than sixty group companies are working together to be a company group creating future lifestyles through diverse businesses that support people throughout their lives.

I was appointed as the 15th president of Nikke as of February 25, 2022 and I am bracing myself to shoulder the heavy responsibilities entrusted to me. My mission as the president is to lead Nikke Group towards the realization of our vision (our ideal) set out under our Renewal Nikke 130 Vision (the “RN 130 Vision”), which we have reached the halfway point of the planned term, and furthermore towards the future beyond the RN 130 Vision.

In 2021, the first year of our 2nd Medium-term Management Plan, Nikke recorded its highest net income. This result is due to the fact that each company of Nikke Group has developed creative management and pushed forward confidently towards its goals despite the ongoing impact of the spread of COVID-19. We benefitted greatly from the strong leadership of my predecessor president Tomita, who promoted and strengthened our management system of four business divisions.

Nearly thirty-eight years have passed since I joined Nikke as a technology employee. I have spent most of time in the manufacturing facilities and I felt strongly the changes occurring across Nikke Group in any workplaces. There have been big changes in the business environment both domestically and overseas, and Nikke Group has also responded flexibly. Under the COVID-19 pandemic, we didn't just endure. During it, we have become a robust business entity which can take the offensive. I feel that next stage is to step up using our solid management base to be a company group which people can expect the growth towards the future and which excites not just our customers and shareholders but also our employees.

I believe there are three investments that Nikke Group needs to make in order to grow significantly for the future: investments in infrastructure facilities, investments to increase our customer base, and investments to foster human resources. I believe it is my responsibility to create an environment to encourage our employees to take the initiative and move our business forward.

Realizing sustained business growth must involve not only thorough compliance but also sustainability initiatives. Companies are members of society and cannot get growth without sustainable growth of society. We are facing numerous challenges including urgent matters such as global environmental issues. We will not just recognize social issues for the future as risks but also solve these challenges. I believe the value of Nikke Group lies in that.

As the representative of Nikke Group, I will give it my all so that each company of Nikke Group makes concerted efforts to continue to take on new challenges towards our ideal set out not just for the RN 130 Vision, but also for ten and twenty years into the future and that Nikke Group can be a company group brimming with vitality and creating future lifestyles. Your continued patronage and support would be greatly appreciated.

Yutaka Nagaoka

Nikke Group Representative Director
President and Chief Executive Officer
The Japan Wool Textile Co., Ltd.

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